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If you would like information about our Book Cover / Folder and Handbook program(s) please click here to send us your contact information.

To send us your Handbook text, inside printing for your School Folders, School Logo or other items to be printed please click here.

Refer to the information below for instructions on file preparation.

For handbook text, you may send in a disk or electronic copy ONLY if there have been major changes made from the previous year or if in the past your handbook has been sent in as camera-ready copy. If the changes are minor, a copy of the previous handbook can be mailed to us with the changes marked clearly by hand with
red ink.

We will only need a disk sent in if we don't have an electronic copy of your handbook in our computer system, please ask your sales representative or to contact our graphics department for more information on this. If text is sent in on a disk, we will also need a black and white print of anything that is included on the disk.

Text can be sent in as:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • PDF document - this is only acceptable if the file does not need to be proofread by us, and is ready for print. PDF documents are NOT able to be changed, and if a change is needed, it must be sent back to the school for them to make their changes.

Set up Instructions

  1. Any handbook should be set up in the appropriate size for example - a 5.5˝ x 8.5˝ handbook should be one 5.5˝ x 8.5˝ page, not one 8.5˝ x 11˝ sheet with two "pages" on it.
  2. An 8.5˝ x 11˝ handbook should be one 8.5˝ x 11˝ page.
  3. Try to have at least a 2 pica (.333 inch) margin all the way around.
  4. If you have any images in the document they must be included in the file you send in. A printed-out hard copy of the text must also be sent.

If you are using Microsoft Word you can download a Handbook layout template by clicking here.


  1. DO NOT send school calendars on a disk. For these all we need is a printout of the dates and events for the calendar, or a copy of the old calendar with any changes marked clearly in red, as well as a typed copy of the added and deleted information.
  2. Send original images if you can. We can use images that have been previously printed and screened before, but it is much easier (and looks nicer) to scan from an original photo. The same goes for Yellow Pages ads, business cards, sketches, or anything else that may be considered for artwork - original is better. We also have a Clip Art book that contains many different available designs, if you are not supplying an image.

If you Prefer to scan an image to send to us please click here for detailed Scanning Instructions.

We cannot accept the following formats:

  • Claris... anything
  • Broderbund Print Shop
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Microsoft Works
  • Microsoft Publisher

If you would like to purchase Book Covers, Folders or enroll in our
free Book Cover and Folder program please fill out our contact form,
or simply to our schools department.

To send us your School Logo or Handbook file please Click Here.

If you would like to download a Handbook template and Instructions please Click Here.

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